Meat Boxes

Planning a special event or looking for something slightly different? Bespoke cuts are available on request.

To reserve your Longhorn Meat Box click here.
Burgers will also be available.

5kg Box Approx. £50-£60
1 x 1.5kg roasting joint
2 x rump steak 8oz
2 x sirloin steak 8oz
3 x 500g mince
3 x 500g stewing / braising steak

15kg Box Approx. £150-£175
5 x assorted roasting joints
6 x rump steak 8oz
6 x sirloin steak 8oz
6 x 500g mince
6 x 500g stewing / braising steak

Looking for a special treat - our burgers are made by hand at 4oz and are a must have at any BBQ. £1 each.

Weights, cuts and box price may vary slightly as each animal is different.
Offal available on request.